We’ve been loving wood since 1975

In over forty years, we have developed incredible artisanal skills for designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture, relying on our experience and modern techniques.
An artisanal and creative environment where the art of carpentry meets design innovation. The same environment where Ivo Ciampoletta started his business in 1975. From that moment, the company has never stopped growing.

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Our works

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We manufacture furniture and accessories for any space, need, and taste.
The more challenging the project, the better. We don’t make any difference between small projects, those where every millimetre count, and majestic ones because our aim is always one: perfection.

From your drawing to your furniture

We create bespoke projects based on your drawing.
At Ciampoletta Arredamenti, we use CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems for our high-precision projects to ensure a highly customised product. Numerical control and specific software allow our operators to set the programs, prepare the raw materials to process, and take action in case of problems.

We can create high-precision smooth surfaces quickly and in an automated way. The adjustable heads (tilting axes), which can rotate gyroscopically along two axes, allow us to create complex shapes.

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What they say about us

Biesse Technology turns Ciampoletta’s artisanal workshop into a hi-tech workplace.
We had the chance to see how Ciampoletta, a major company based in Perugia, works. Ciampoletta is a family-run business whose creativity, design, and quality are… (continua a leggere)